How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas

How to Create and Use Sexual TulpasThe topic of tulpa creation is not a new one, but a new guide by occultist Leval Montaine gives the subject a uniquely erotic spin that is sure to prove popular with magickians of all traditions. How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas is a complete step-by-step guide to creating a spiritual entity for the specific purpose of satisfying sexual desire.

The author of this treatise is as pragmatic as he is original, and he is quick to point out the various benefits of interacting with a sexual tulpa instead of, or in addition to, a human being. First, the fact that the sex takes place on the astral plane means that anything goes, nothing is taboo and your tulpa will indulge your fantasies no matter how depraved you may or may not be. Second, tulpas can be used as and when you want, around the clock. Third, your tulpa will always be loyal to you – there’s no risk of it cheating on you or letting you down in any way. There are more advantages, but you get the basic idea.

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Should you like the notion of indulging every one of your sexual desires with a tulpa (and what kind of red-blooded magickian wouldn’t at least find the concept attractive?) you can then use Montaine’s own system of tulpa creation to bring one into being. The method described is very detailed, and allows you to design every aspect of your tulpa to suit your needs and tastes perfectly, but if you can follow simple instructions you won’t have any difficulty achieving success.

How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas also contains several very useful chapters on how to interact with your tulpa, how to create and manage multiple tulpas, how to enjoy a long-term or even lifelong relationship with a tulpa (including a romantic one, which would make your tulpa more of an astral lover), and how to dissolve a tulpa should you ever want to do so.

Priced for widespread appeal, buyers of How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas also receive a free bonus copy of The Miracle Secret, which is an underground classic on the topic of how to create and use ‘standard’ thoughtforms to enjoy as much wealth, strength, success and romance as you desire.

Key Quote: ‘… there is a little-known method that enables anyone to satisfy their sexual hunger – and to indulge in any type of sexual activity no matter how shocking or taboo – in a manner that is safe, legal and completely discreet. That little-known method is the creation and use of sexual tulpas.’

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