The Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order is a classic work by Israel Regardie. Originally published in 1937, The Golden Dawn is now available in its seventh edition in a very handsome hardback volume which will serve the modern magickian for a lifetime.

This seventh edition runs to 960 pages, and is divided into nine books, which together provide a complete course in practical ceremonial magic. Following a Preface to the Seventh Edition by Chico Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, and a Foreword to the Seventh Edition by John Michael Greer, readers will be delighted to find Israel Regardie’s own Introduction to the First Edition, which provides a beautiful link with the original publication of this material.

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The nine books of this volume are as follows:

Book One: Knowledge Lectures and Instructional Papers
Book Two: Rituals of the Outer Order
Book Three: Rituals of the Inner Order
Book Four: Primary Techniques of Magical Practice
Book Five: Inner Order Teachings on the Neophyte Grade
Book Six: Ceremonial Magic
Book Seven: Clairvoyance, Talismans, Sigils, Etc.
Book Eight: Divination
Book Nine: The Angelic Tablets

With additional illustrations, a 20-page colour section and a new typesetting of the text for the modern reader, this volume rightly claims to be ‘the definitive edition’ of Israel Regardie’s most famous and impressive work.

Key Quote: ‘As the dedicated student continues to patiently aspire to be more than human, to transcend physical limitations, while forgiving himself for mistakes and setbacks along the way, the ceremonies will become increasingly precise and effective.’

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