Advanced Magick for Beginners

Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman is a fantastic title that anyone can benefit from thanks to its honesty, precision and practicality. Whilst some (okay, quite a few) books on magick are pretentious pieces of bullcrap written by psychodrama queens that sound good but deliver nothing of value, Advanced Magick for Beginners is the real deal. Despite having a seemingly dichotomous title and a fairly low-key cover design, the content is worth its weight in gold to anyone who takes their magick seriously.

Written in a straightforward and often humorous style by someone who believes – quite rightly – that actually getting results is essential, Advanced Magick for Beginners explains how the author has made progress and how anyone else can do the same.

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If you’re the kind of person who understands that it is perfectly possible to consider and work with the ideas of Crowley, the Buddha, Spare, Gurdjieff and Carroll (to name just a few) simultaneously, you’ll love this book as much as we did.

Available in both hard copy and Kindle formats, Advanced Magick for Beginners is a title that everyone should study. Enough said!

Key Quote: ‘Being a magician means you get to make wishes that come true.’

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